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My divorce counseling at Caitlin Stetson, PHD provides practical and emotional support during your divorce. The techniques and strategies I use as your divorce coach in Washington, DC enable you to cope with your divorce journey, while navigating through the most difficult aspects. With my help, you can move forward in a positive and confident manner as you enter the next phase of your life. As a clinical psychologist and life coach, I am able to help you in so many ways. 

As a separation coach, I work with both men and women to manage the unique circumstances that surround a divorce. It can often feel like you are going through it all alone, but with me by your side, you have a crisis coach to call whenever you need help, advice, or simply someone to talk to. My approach to every situation is personable and warm. Whether you are trying to decide if a split is the right move for your relationship, in the middle of a legal battle, or recovering from a separation, this is the place to turn. 

Many of my clients choose to use my services for couples counseling or marriage counseling, especially before deciding to have a divorce. This is a major life decision which should not be taken lightly. I am here to help you with every aspect of the process, including finding a mediator or attorney, talking to your children, and informing your friends and family. There is nothing easy about divorce, but with my help, you can find the fastest route to putting your life back together. 

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